While our core competency lies in seamless transportation of shipments by adopting world class standards, we have gained expertise in providing a ‘one-stop’ solution in logistics.

Navata Road Transport is a popular name in the logistics and transport service in Hyderabad who deals in all types of good movements, both in full load and part load capacity.

We always felt that quality of service is never an accident but is a result of continuous intelligent effort with hard work. We also believe improved service is not a one-time effort but it is a continuously ongoing process and we provide our 100%

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CDM means Cubic Decimeter(Presently for A.P 2CDM = 1Kg.). Articles, which are light in weight and occupy more space, are charged on CDM basis. Multiplication of Length, Width and Height (LxWxH of a consignment) and division by 2 gives a consignment’s weight. For Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Pondicherry the CDM should be divided by 2.5 to get the weight in Kgs.

76-100 Above7.00

It all depends on the destination point’s distance.

For any complaint/clarification, communication can be sent to either Head Office at Vijayawada or any nearest Regional office/Controlling point(s)


On executing an indemnity bond (on Rs.10/- non-judicial stamp paper) delivery can be taken by the consignee. In case of self-booked consignment, consignor has to execute such bond and obtain due certification from the booking branch.

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Book a transport service in Hyderabad inline through Navata Road Transport as they offer the clients with constant estimating, protection help for the security of merchandise. Complete your every day transport administration needs at a reasonable cost offered by no other carrier in Hyderabad except for Navata Road Transport. The vehicle organization like Navata Road Transport guarantees the customers to encounter best of products transport at any area inside the nation.

Hyderabad Transportation Company handles an average of 5,00,000 Metric tonnes of material and a total of 2,00,00,000 articles. They manage a total of 5,50,000 AWB Bookings and 60,00,000 kms vehicle run. Hyderabad Transportation Company has a total of 42 branches in Hyderabad City. They are located in Plot No 1 ,Block No 1, Auto Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500070

transport service in hyderabad

Technology has helped our trucking business in providing real time status on container shipments and has improved the communication between our customers, customs and the ports. But, here’s what makes use different from everybody else:

As We Know Safety is a key concern for our road activities. These can include delivering products or transporting goods and equipment to and within the areas where we operate i.e. Navata Road Transport is amongst the Top 10 logistics companies in india where drivers are treated as the most important and valuable human resources and consider Road Safety as number one priority. 

The company believes that the drivers are the backbone of the business. Hence, they should be given the maximum importance. Hence, the drivers are trained about the effective safety measures while truck driving vehicles.

Transport Service in hyderabad

Navata Road Transport Drivers Doesn’t Forget The Following While Truck driving – ( Road Safety Tips )

  • Keep a close eye on the speed limits
  • Follow the lane discipline
  • Do not move the eyes from the road
  • Be cautious on the wet roads
  • Load Carefully And Of Course, Wisely
  • Have Zero Distractions

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Caring for our customers’ with discipline, we promise to stay ahead in service quality, wide network, high caliber responsible people, technology & automation.

-Navata Road Transport

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