Road Transportation services during pandemic should keep their shipments flow maintained

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Road Transportation services during pandemic

Road Transportation services has been having it tough since the past few months, primarily due to the lockdown scenario that unfolded unexpectedly. India witnessed a double whammy of a surge in demand for essential products, and an unprecedented shortage of trucks, specially an acute shortage of drivers. This brings to fore the pressing question whether a company can deliver more loads with fewer vehicles or not. The answer is “yes”. All it requires is good and efficient Road Transport Management.

In the face of COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak, everything has done a turnaround. The pandemic and lockdown are unique in nature, different from all other types of supply chain disruptions. It is imperative to understand the difference between COVID-19 outbreak and other supply chain disruptions. First and foremost COVID-19 Pandemic is enveloped in uncertainty.

 The range of uncertainty in COVID-19 Pandemic is far more disconcerting and chaotic than the situation in any other recent pandemics like SARS, Avian [bird] flu, or in any of the past natural disasters like Fukushima tsunami, Thailand floods, etc. Adding to the chaos is the accuracy and certainty of the number of reported cases by the agencies of all the affected countries, which is constantly on the rise, and a cause for grave concern. The unfolding pandemic scenario creates too much fog and results in a lack of confidence in everything.

Road Transportation services during pandemic