5 Benefits of 3PL Provider For Small Businesses.

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Small Businesses And 3PL Provider

In the instant gratification age of Amazon, the sector that beats e-commerce in its growth spurt, is the customer demand sector. The customer is on the look-out for updates on the shipment, the moment a shipment is scheduled, or an item is purchased, irrespective of the shipper being an individual or a large corporation.  

Without doubt, the companies providing the fastest and cheapest shipping are in demand, and have a clear advantage over their competitors. With the constant technological advancements unfolding, new technologies are taking over the world. This puts a responsibility on logistics companies to be fast, efficient and convenient. Hence companies, small businesses, need the support structure of the services of a 3PL, to efficiently manage the business needs.

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Small Business Logistics and Its Importance

A good customer experience and customer satisfaction is at the core of all businesses. To ensure a good customer experience, quality and shipment speed is crucial. Stress over customer service, while managing the entire supply chain, is not the easiest of tasks. Maintaining all transportation and logistics at the highest performance, along with all the other business demands, is virtually an impossible task, specially so for small business front.

A third-party logistics services are of great help, as they save the company from added work and responsibilities. 3PLs provide the middleman services, and take on all the processes of shipping and logistics. The well-established network of 3PL, provides all the infrastructure, systems, data and equipment needed for successful shipments. A strong relationship with the 3PL provider is crucial for a successful supply chain. A good equation with the 3PL provider helps the company to focus on its core specialization, while a 3PL provider takes care of the logistics, shipments and deliveries.

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3PL Provider for Small Businesses and its 5 Benefits

It Saves Time

As a small business owner, a lot of time is spent in setting up the businesses, shipping to find the right carriers, keeping track of all of the paperwork, and handling the freight. This is very stressful and time consuming for business owners. Hence, outsourcing the company’s logistics to a 3PL provider leads to more time to focus on other core aspects of the business.

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It Saves Money

When working with a 3PL provider, the company needs to only pay for space and time that it uses. Some 3PL providers allow sharing of the truck with other users, at a nominal payment, only for space the freight takes up inside of the truck. Also, brokers can provide information on the lowest prices, to help save money on shipments.

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It Ensures Customer Service

Supply chain management involves great attention to details. This causes distractions leading to the customers not getting the positive customer experience they desire. It is the 3PL provider’s responsibility to provide and arrange the cooperation with qualified drivers and carriers.  Regular reviews done on drivers and carriers, help to ensure that the shipments are handled with care, and are properly take care of. Picking the right provider is a good investment for the business.

It Provides Resources

On the surface, the transportation and shipping process looks easy, like moving an object from pick-up point A to delivery point B. However, the fact is that it is a complex chain of operations that demands lots of special bulky and pricey equipment. Third-party logistics services save the situation and bring all the needed equipment, to complete every single order, no matter how big it is.

It Provides a Network We source

Constantly communicating with all the people involved in the supply chain is overwhelming. On the other hand, brokers already have a developed network of professional suppliers, and will choose the most relevant to match with the Company Profile requirements.


Ultimately, using a 3PL for small business logistics needs is beneficial in many ways, from cost savings to significant improvements in the entire supply chain flow.

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